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"Play Delights in Uncertainty"

— Alex Dunedin

Liminal Studios represent a small collective of artists, researchers, and technologists with a passion for participatory digital storytelling towards community cohesion.

About Liminal Studios

Our studio embodies the values of play and creativity through engagement with the arts and immersive technology. We value creative expressions as a fundamental process of transformative change.

Our expertise with trauma-informed generative and speculative design approaches begins with co-creating safe and brave spaces which celebrate and nurture creativity. Projects provide students and care experienced individuals with creative employment opportunities. The studio is located at the Summerhall arts complex in the creative heart of Edinburgh.

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Digital Media 101

March 5, 2024


Our diverse team of artists and technologists brings imagination to life. From digital artisans to coding virtuosos, each member embodies innovation at its core. Together, we craft experiences that redefine the intersection of art and technology.

John Morrison

A founding member of Liminal Studios, John shines as an academic luminary, igniting minds with a boundless passion for learning.

Jane Doe

Jane Doe is coding virtuoso. With an innate talent for problem-solving, her elegant solutions defy limitations. An indispensable asset to any project.

Bob Alice

With a knack for strategic planning and a natural ability to inspire, Bob ensures that every project reaches new heights of success.


We are proud to count the following organisations among our partners:

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Instagram: @liminal_studios_collective

Techcube address: 1 Summerhall Place, Techcube 5.1, Edinburgh EH9 1PL